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Organizing a race

How does your race measure up? We've put together our second annual 5k race benchmarking infographic with statistics mined from 119 races we've had listed on this site.The data shows some interesting patterns, so if you organize a 5k or 10k race, here are five tips that could help you increase participation.

Consider charging more

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Runs with entry fees of $30 averaged over 600 participants per race. In fact, four of the races that had the highest participation numbers charged a $30 entry fee.

Offer multiple distances

Most events that offered a 5k and 10k course saw growth in participation compared to 2012, whereas many single distance events saw reduced numbers in 2013.

Hold a Holiday Race

Thanksgiving and July 4 runs bring out the most runners. Overall, June, July and November are still the most popular months for runners.

Promote a charity

The race that had the largest increase in participation compared to 2012, raised funds for a cancer charity. Runners like to run for a cause, so highlight which charities and non-profits will benefit from your race.

Get certified

Although there are numerous reasons why runners choose particular races, the statistics indicate that USATF certification could be a significant factor. 5k races with a certified course had almost double the average number of runners than non-certified courses.

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