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Hot Biscuits for Montgomery

For the longest sports has been dominated in the state of Alabama by either the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Auburn University Tigers. However, that could all change with one plate of biscuits. That's right, I am talking about the Montgomery Biscuits, Alabama's newest minor league baseball team.

With a new team like the Biscuits, I am sure that the stadium will be filled with all types of fans from cooks, chefs, and maybe even a food taster from time to time coming to glamce of them playing a little baseball.

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I thought the name was the funniest name I've heard in recent years since the Mighty Ducks we're introduced.

The Biscuits are here to play baseball in a town where college sports rule and dominate the headlines of the local newspaper. Hopefully, the Biscuit's will bring a little entertainment to the city of Montgomery while playing some good baseball in the process too.

I wonder how much thought went into the thinking process when the owner of the team thought of the name? I guess he got up one morning and to have breakfast at a local food joint and had some biscuits and gravy. Being that the biscuits we're so good, he said to himself "how about them biscuits" making it in his mind as the best catch phase to hit the sports world since former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson's famous "how about them cowboys" quote.

Minor league baseball has never been a serious thing in the world of sports. Its main focus is to entertain the fans and bring fun back to the stands of baseball. With a name like the Biscuits, the owner is on course to bring fun and entertainment to the stands of the Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery.

Now that the Biscuits are here, I wonder what type of fan night will the organization will they plan during the season? Can you imagine going to a Biscuit's game and it's potluck night where everyone gets in free if they bring in a hot plate of something!

Let us not forget who is the mother team of the Biscuits - the Tampa Bay Devil Rays major league baseball's evil twin of the Detroit Tigers. Being that the Devil Rays are not going to play for any titles anytime soon, their organization would be happy to hear that the Biscuits do have a strong fan following, then maybe they will turn into Devil Ray fans.

The Biscuit's already have a strong following with over a million hits on their site or maybe people we're just interested in seeing how the mascot looks. The fans will determine how successful the organization will become because in the world of minor league baseball you are only as good as your family night.

With the Biscuits coming to town, I believe this officially makes Montgomery the new hot spot of the south.Look at what Montgomery has, a new stadium, new baseball team, a new mascot, and last but not least a new sports story to write about or laugh about.

The next time someone talks, or brings up the word "biscuits" in a conversation, I hope it's about their up and coming fan night or it's dealing with how fresh and hot should your biscuits be when you're having breakfast at the local waffle house enjoying a plate of biscuits and gravy.

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