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Last week I arrived in Paris, unfortunately nothing very interesting has...

Last week I arrived in Paris, unfortunately nothing very interesting has happened yet. I think that will all change once I begin teaching at the high school. However, the highlight of my first week may have been today when a woman asked me, "Vous tes de Paris?" and of course I replied "Non, Je ne suis pas de Paris." For those who don't know French like my mother, who is probably reading this blog, the woman asked me if I was from Paris ,and of course I said I wasn't, but it was nice to be mistaken for a Parisienne. Usually, whenever I am abroad people always know I am American even before I start talking. At least that is how it was when I lived in Aix-en-Provence, France. In Aix, my blonde hair and blue eyes didn't fit in and that's probably what gave away that I wasn't a local, but maybe in Paris it can work.

In case you are wondering, it isn't my first time in Paris, but it's been three years since I was last here.Paris is really different from southern France. I'm beginning to wonder if they are in fact different countries. I remember two years ago, when I arrived in Marseille for my first year abroad and how different it is from arriving in Paris. For starters, Paris was much more crowded than Marseille , there was much more traffic around the airport. In Marseille, I was greeted by sunny skies and warm weather, but in Paris it was gray, overcast, and a bit chilly.

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I am living in the Cite Universitaire, in basically a dorm room. I'm pretty satisfied with my living arrangements so far.My biggest complaint is that I cannot get internet access in my room. Apparently I have to use a cable because in the rooms you don't receive wifi, and since I have a Mac it doesn't have anywhere to put the cable. Good news though, I looked online and I can purchase a usb that has a cable attachment thingy! So hopefully at some point I will have internet in my room. For now, I will just have to use the room with wifi. The other problem I have is that like everything in France there is a lot of paperwork I must provide, so I am still trying to figure it all out. Fortunately, I have a bathroom in my room. Unfortunately, it is probably the worlds smallest bathroom. The shower and the toilet are in a very small room, which is more like a closet. It's a good thing I am petite because otherwise it would be a disaster. The sink is outside , which is very French.

However, there are lots of things I like about my room. There is a Huge window, with an okay view. I can see trees and grass. The last time I lived in Paris, I had an amazing view! I lived on the Seine in the 1er arrondisement, so I had a view of the river, the Notre Dame (in the distance) and the Eiffel tower. There is a light right by my bed, which is nice because I always read in bed. I have two desks and a desk lamp! There is also a laundry room with washers and dryers in my building. Cant complain about that! The maids also give us clean sheets every 15 days, which is nice too.

Nothing incredibly interesting, besides being mistaken for a Parisienne. I guess my second highlight would be having some macaroons from Pierre Herm, which we're AHMAZING! Seriously, they we're the best I've ever had, and they we're so pretty! This weekend I am going to Monet's Gardens in Giverny for orientation, and then my classes start Monday!

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