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First impressions of Bangkok...

After three breakdowns, a rescue operation by the Thai equivalent of the RAC and a significant delay, we arrived in Bangkok (on Valentine's Day). We managed a couple of not-so-attractive, not-so-romantic pints, a quick turnaround and we we're on our second consecutive night bus within a few hours. Although we should have felt exhausted, we we're buoyed by the frenetic atmosphere of Khao San Road and the fact that we we're beach-bound. We we're heading towards the islands in the Gulf of Thailand namely Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

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We had the best part of three weeks before we would be starting our volunteer placement. We botched together a rough itinerary and headed straight to Koh Phangan an island largely defined by it's ability to host a party. We arrived shortly after one of the legendary Full Moon parties at Haad Rin.

Having heard all the stories, our first impressions of this rave-centric island we're nothing like what we expected! Haad Rin was almost entirely empty, although the beach bars persisted with loud, out of place house music. The whole town felt desolate and a little tragic in the absence of it's famous party. We spent a mellow few days on the other side of Haad Rin (sunset beach) to celebrate Thom's 28th birthday, passing the time by reading, kayaking or snoozing. We found it hard to envisage how this sleepy town could facilitate 30,000 party goers on a monthly basis. We made a point of booking some decent, safe accommodation, away from the beachfront, for the coming Full Moon party. After three nights in Haad Rin, we made a snap decision, over breakfast, to leave for neighbouring Koh Tao that same afternoon.

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