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After spending 10 days in Thailand...

After spending 10 days in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur felt a bit too westernised to me! I loved Thailand as it felt like everywhere we went there was something unusual to see a mummified monk wearing Ray Bans, monkeys collecting coconuts from up trees, unusual temples that appear out of nowhere! That's not to say I didn't enjoy KL, it just felt a bit too much like England to me. Everything was clean and modern and there we're glitzy shopping malls everywhere. Even the cab drivers listened to English speaking radio stations. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a clean and modern metropolis, but I personally preferred the craziness of Thailand and the beautiful beaches. I just think I'm more of a beach lover than a city slicker!

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We stayed at Traders Hotel which had the most amazing view of any hotel I have stayed in as it is directly opposite the Petronas Towers. On arrival I was presented with a bouquet of red roses for our anniversary and in our room was a chocolate cake with a personal note next to it, wishing us a long and happy life together. Lovely!

As we only had 3 nights in KL we crammed a lot in and it felt like we we're on the go constantly a hop on hop off bus tour of the city, a visit to the Batu Caves and the KL Bird Park, shopping in the MANY malls, we wandered around China Town, visited the aquarium, strolled round the Lake Gardens and even went to a Sum 41 gig at KL Live on our last night!

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