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Surfing Gisbourne on North Island, New Zealand

The North Island has some of the best surfing spots in New Zealand. Water temperatures off North Island are much warmer than off of South Island. In the summer, no wetsuit is needed however, if you are surfing for extended periods, wearing a springsuit is a good idea. Wetsuits are a must in the chilly waters of winter.

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Each coast of the North Island has it's own unique characteristics that identify the nature of your surfing experience. Simply put, the West Coast has wild, rough, and powerful surf while the East Coast has calmer and prettier water.

Gisbourne is a surfing mecca on the East Coast that has long been a magnet for surfers, local and international. As the first area in the world to see the sun rise, dawn surfing is a wildly popular activity here. Waikanae Beach is a popular beach and great for the novice surfer to become familiar with the board skills they'll need when tackling more demanding surf. Waves here are slower, gentler, and less steep than other locations in the area. For those that have yet to master snapping to their feet, the waves at this beach provide the perfect opportunity to practice.

A surfers paradise can be found a scant 6km from Gisbourne. Wainui Beach with it's stunning beach and great waves all year round is a world class surfing destination. There are several areas to surf here making it a great place for surfers of all levels. One of the most popular areas to surf is the StockRoute with it's left and right hand breaks spawning waves that are hollow and run fast. Near the surf club, another area that enjoys popularity with surfers known as the Pines. The waves are usually hollow with a height of up to 8 feet.

Just a couple of kilometers up the coast from Wainui Beach is Makorori Point. The long gentle waves make for a great ride for the intermediate surfer. As with the other beaches, there are several areas to surf so every level of surfer is able to find breaks that suit their skill.

In addition to these beaches, the coast around Gisbourne has other great beaches to surf. Main Beach with it's Pipeline and Anaura Bay noted for it's small, gentle waves are just two more beaches around Gisbourne for you to explore.

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