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Well this has been a long awaited post and i must apologise to you all...

Well this has been a long awaited post and I must apologize to you all for my silence on here, but Ii decided that I didn't want to spend another summer thinking off all the beautiful places in the world I long to visit, on the contrary, I ticked some off my list, spontaneously booking a ticket to Thailand joining two of my friends on the adventure of a lifetime. Now I won't list absolutely everything I did, because for one it would probably take me all day and secondly i know there's only so long you can maintain interest on a journey that you weren't a part of or haven't experienced. So here is just a brief overview.

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Flying into Bangkok we spent a few days there before heading north to Chang Mai, where we embarked on a two day trek up a mountain, sleeping in a hut above the clouds in a tribal village-extraordinary. Whilst there we spent a day with elephants, training, riding them barebacked through the jungle and washing them in a river. We then went up to the border of Thailand ready for our two day slow boat across to Laos, which was incredibly long although a particularly unique experience. Lous was incredibly beautiful and the highlight for me was definitely tubing-make sure you absolutely go, it is the most amazing fun you'll ever have! Flying out of Lous and into Cambodia which highlighted poverty to me and opened up my eyes as to how privileged I am to be part of such a wealthy country myself. Siem Reap was my highlight there, the most amazing nights out and so many fun memories from our time there. Next we embarked on what felt like a week long bus journey back into Thailand for another night in Bangkok before heading way down south to the Islands of Thailand. My 3 weeks there we're absolutely amazing, completely chaotic and continually fun. I went to Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. The latter being the party Island, the full moon is a must but i would also highly recommend coral bungalows pool party (felt like i was in a teen movie!) and head to one of the jungle parties-yes-literally, in a jungle!!! Koh Tao is where you want to go for scuba diving, which was a great experience, more of a relaxing Island. Unfortunately i was unwell whilst in Koh Samui, made it to a ladyboys show though, which was a unique experience. I don't like to say i have a favourite, but if forced out of the islands, it would have to be Phi Phi. The perfect combination of paradise and partying. Make sure you go snorkelling and head to Maya Beach on a day trip, then slinky's bar is where it all happens at night-however beware there are skipping ropes of fire, which might seem like a good idea when intoxicated, although potentially a very bad hangover will await you!.ouch!

To summarize, the best summer of my life so far might sound dramatic, but i think it's true. I've met amazing people, done amazing things and most importantly have the most amazing memories. A tip-keep a diary!!! It's so great to look through, i'm just finishing mine as i left space to stick photos. Make sure you add people on facebook as you go along too! I'd love to know what adventures you all got up to this summer, leave me a link to your posts and let me know if you've been anywhere i have!

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